SHE Raw Naturally Wavy Hair

SHE Raw Naturally Wavy Hair 

Raw hair is described as Luxury Hair & is the highest quality in the world. Each bundle of Raw Hair is unique because each hand-cut ponytail from a donor has a distinct natural hair pattern & no two bundles are the same. They won’t be very different from each other but never identical and that's because the hair is not steamed to form uniformed patterns.  

Product Details for Raw Naturally Wavy Hair

  • Weight: Approximately 3.2- 4oz per bundle 
  • Weft: Double layer machine weft head, tight and very neat 
  • Color: Since each bundle of hair can come from a different donor the color may vary from 1b-2

Styling: 2 to 3 bundles needed for full weave depending on the length of hair and volume desired. Minimal shedding is expected with proper care.

Due to the nature of our product, All sales are FINAL.

  • $120.00