SHE Raw Naturally Straight Lace Closure

Our Raw Naturally Straight Lace closures match perfectly with our Raw Naturally Straight bundles!

As working women, we all want the Perfect Protective Style! Once your edges or hair in general (particularly your edges) become broken off it is very hard & stressful to get your natural tresses back to normal. Sheena's Hair Emporium offers durable Indian Swiss lace closure pieces that are designed to offer you the "Ultimate Protective Style and versatility". If properly installed and styled our Indian Lace closures will look, feel, and appear as if it’s YOUR natural scalp!

YES! We have lace closures to match every Raw texture that we offer. If this is for you then We highly recommend trying our Raw lace closures to give your “leave-out” a break.

Product Details for Raw Naturally Straight Lace Closure

  • Medium to low density (allows for natural parting)
  • The knots DO NOT come bleached
  • Light brown/Tanish lace
  • Lace Length and width 4X4
  • Cuticles aligned in the same direction
  • Color: Natural 1b-2

Disclaimer for Raw Naturally Straight Lace Closure

  • We highly recommend that you consult with a professional hairstylist to color or alter your Raw Lace Closure.
  • Balding on your closure is caused by excessive tension on the hairs, this includes brushing or vigorous pulling.
  • The hairs on a lace based custom closure are placed individually so please handle with care to avoid balding.
  • A bald closure cannot be fixed it will have to be replaced, so please always wash, comb and style with care to ensure the durability of your closure.
  • We can not guarantee that our Lace Closures will match with the texture of hair from another company. 
  • OVER Bleaching or lifting can change its quality, we highly recommend that you consult with a professional hair colorist or stylist for any alterations made to your lace closure.
  • $120.00